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Free DMV Written Test Sample Questions, Practice Learner Permit Exam Online for Driver License

USA DMV Written Test (US DMV Test)

Total Number Of Sample DMV Questions available For On-line Practice :
430 Sample Questions

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USA DMV Written Test (US DMV Test)
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USA Learner Permit Driving Licence Test Info
  1. Road Signs in the United States
    - Regulatory, Warning and Informational Road Signs in the United States.

  2. Official DMV Information From Each State of the USA
    - Find out vehicle registration, driver license, dmv office address, application forms, driver's manuals, handbooks, DMV publications from the official DMV agencies.

DMV Written Exam Objective
To ensure that the future drivers are familiar with the federal traffic rules and regulations;
To ensure learner drivers are aware of those traffic signs and signals on the road.

Getting Your Driving License in US
In order to get your driving license, you are required to pass one learner permit written exam and one road driving test.

DMV Written Exam Format
20 multiple-choice questions will be asked in the DMV written permit exam. You are required to answer at least 14 questions correctly to pass.

United States Sample DMV Test Online Practice Applicable to the following states for Free.

Practice Permit Test New York - NY
Permit Practice Test California - CA
Texas Driving Permit Practice Online - TX
Florida DMV Permit Test Practice Online - FL
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - PA
Ohio BMV Driver License Knowledge Test - OH
DMV Permit Test North Carolina - NC
Michigan Drivers License - MI
Georgia Driver License Knowledge Exam - GA
New Jersey MVC Knowledge Test Exam - NJ
Virginia Driver Knowledge Exams - VA
Washington DOL Driver Knowledge Test - WA
Massachusetts RMV Learner's Permit Exam - MA

United States Driving Test DMV Online Practice

Topics to be Covered in DMV Learner Permit Written Exam
Solid understanding of following topics are expected to pass your leaner permit written test (DMV written Test, or in other words named driving theory test) for getting your driving license (driver's license) in the United States.
Traffic Control
Intersections and Turns
Parallel Parking
Defensive Driving
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Special Driving Conditions
Sharing the Road
Road Signs

Latest News Abt Free DMV Written Test Sample Questions Online Pracice @ usdriving

1. Learn From Mistakes and Never Answer Them Wrongly Next Time For Your DMV Practice Test! -10 Sep 13

After you have done with the DMV practice simulation exam, you might have noticed that there is a new section for you to view all the mistakes you have just made.

If you have signed in, your mistakes are automatically saved to your member session, and you could easily review them anytime you want.

It is really an effective way of leaning DMV and you will not get them wrong shall similar DMV questions appear in the actual DMV Practice Test.

At the moment, each member has been allocated 50 slots to save mistakenly answered DMV practice questions, and those mistakes will be kept for 30 days.

Do keep your feedback and suggestion coming in, we will do our best to make this as your best place to practice DMV written test!

2. More Questions and Flashcards For Florida DMV -05 Aug 12

60 more questions are included into the system, specifically for Florida HSMV Road Rules and Road Signs Exam.

Corresponding Florida DMV Road Rules & Signs Flashcards are also generated for you to quickly review and study for the FL driving permit test.

3. Study the Texas Drivers Handbook with Flashcards -22 Jul 12

A new flashcard set has been added to the system, 81 cards are included for the study of Texas Drivers Handbook when preparing for your Texas Driving Permit Exam.

4. DMV Knowledge on Flash Cards. -23 Jun 12

Flash Cards of DMV Knowledge are available now.

Learn driving rules, road signs, traffic regulations and other dmv knowledge by using flash cards when preparing for your driver's licence test.

It is fast, easy and free.

5. Flag A Question and Review/Learn/Practice It Again Later -18 Jun 12

While practicing, If you are not certain about the answer and want to review a question at a later time, you can Flag that question now by ticking a checkbox.

Flag a question and review/learn/practice it later again, this new feature has just been introduced to the DMV Written Test Practicing engine.

6. Driver's Manual, Study Guide and Handbook -30 Nov 11

Following are the official address for
Driver's Manual and Study Guide/Handbook, including the state of New York, California, Texas and Florida.

It contains materials that you may use to prepare for your learner permit test and road test.

NY - New York State Driver's Manual From the Department of Motor Vehicles :
New York State Driver's Manual

CA - California Driver Handbook From the Department of Motor Vehicles :
California Driver Handbook

TX - Texas Department of Public Safety Drivers Handbook / Manual :
Texas Drivers Handbook

FL - Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Driver's Handbook :
Florida Driver's Handbook

PA - Pennsylvania Driver's Manual
Pennsylvania Driver's Manual

OH - Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles BMV
Ohio Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws Handbook

MI - Michigan Driver's License
Michigan Driving Skills Test Study Guide[pdf]

GA - Georgia Department of Driver Services
Georgia Driver`s Manual

NC - North Carolina 2012 Driver Handbook
North Carolina 2012 Driver Handbook

NJ - New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
New Jersey Basic Automobile Driver Manual

VA - Virginia Driver's Manual
Virginia Driver's Manual

WA - Washington Driver Guide
Washington Driver Guide, online knowledge test practice

MA - Massachusetts RMV Driver's Manual
Massachusetts RMV Driver's Manual.

7. DMV Test Questions With Explaination -19 Sep 11

More explanation has been added to the Written DMV questions.
It will help the drivers-to-be, quickly grasp the knowledge of driving, and understand the driving theory behind each questions while practicing the driving test online.

8. Practice DMV Test Online By Topics -08 Sep 11

DMV questions are grouped according to its
relevance to the topics that covered in the
DMV study guide.

Now you can practice with all the DMV questions under a specific topic at one go.

This feature will help you to tackle one topic at a time, and eventually help you to master all the topics that you supposed to know from the study guide.

Once you have done well in all the topics, you shall be confident to take and pass the official DMV written test.

9. More Learner Permit Test Questions -02 Sep 11

More questions have been added to the test engine(150 DMV questions now), and question explanations are included for some, now, right at the spot of the DMV online practice, you will learn whether you have
made a mistake, why it is so and what is the driving theory behind.

It will help you quickly grasp the knowledge covered in the DMV study guide.

we just hope to server you better when you are preparing for your DMV learner permit written theory test.

10. Practice DMV Written Exam Online To Get Your Learner Permit. -01 Sep 11 is online and it aims to help you preparing for your learner permit written exam.

You will be able to practice as many times as you wish before going for your real DMV exam; You will be able to set the pace for your own study and progress; further more you will be able to save your practice test and resume the practice at a later time.

Passing your driving license theory test is never been that easy.